Collections V4

The FW18 Sun collection draws inspiration from timeless eyewear models and seasonal chromatic references to create a radical selection of contemporary sunglasses. In addition to a roster of newly-created silhouettes, Retrosuperfuture has redeveloped new colorways for its most iconic shapes. For the FW18 Optical collection, the brand has developed a selection of Optical frames that are lightweight, minimal, sleek and sophisticated, yet capture the cool, experimental appeal of contemporary aesthetic sensibility.

For the SS18 Sun collection, Retrosuperfuture has researched and designed a line of sunglasses that works on new landscapes of eyewear design, from functional aesthetics, high-tech production systems to sophisticated eye-catching material finishes. The SS18 Optical line sets a new benchmark for innovative and stylistically eyewear design with its mix of evergreen designs, eclectic visual styles and sophisticated materials.

With research on new technologies, interpreted through aesthetic visual language, Retrosuperfuture FW17 Sun collection brings together classic eyewear references with fresh design. The coming FW17 Optical collection features three different lines, each based on a specific set of materials, forming a selection of classy contemporary eyewear.

The SS17 Sun collection is shaped by a return to Retrosuperfuture's origins, where contemporary culture meets urban style through layers of iconic references, meticulous research and innovative production processes. Fot the SS17 Optical collection, Retrosuperfuture introduces three lines of new avant–garde essentials.

Materials, shapes, colors and finishes are the essential elements of the FW16 Sun collection. For the FW16 Optical collection, the brand’s designers have opted to reduce visual décor to the bare minimum, focusing, instead, on bridging comfort and style.



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