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Rossana Passalacqua


Rossana Passalacqua

Where are you from and where do you currently live?
I’m from Palermo but I am currently based in Milan.

Please, introduce your profession in a few words.
I worked as stylist for 15 years, focusing on fashion shoots, consultancy for brands and fashion editing for a selection of magazines.
After several years, even though I continue to work as a stylist, I decided to start my own projects and I founded Anticamera and more recently Cabinet.

What is Anticamera?
Anticamera is a location consultancy agency that I founded with two other girls in 2015. we decided to offer a tailor made scouting process that taps into our broad skill-base and heightened creative sensibility in order to interpret the client’s needs, identify the kind of space and services required and provide access to a number of unpublished, engaging and consistent locations throughout Italy and Europe. Our archive is built up over a thorough process of analysis and scouting, but also the curiosity of the location’s story. We curate portfolios, books, exhibitions and creative consultancy for projects based on the concept of ‘place’. Check it out at www.anticamera-location.com.

What is Cabinet?
Cabinet Milano is a project that I founded in dec 2018 with my partner (whom is my partner also in my personal life) Francesco Valtolina. It is a clothing brand, with no seasons and no gender-orientation. The plan is to not produce collections every season, but to build a wardrobe of key-pieces that are entirely made in Italy. Every collection will be in one color and few selected fabrics. Along with the main collection we also release a few special components. We are currently working on the concept of the ‘new formal’, so our focus is the suit and everything that goes around it, we also make shoes in collaboration with Santoni. You can see the Cabinet project at www.cabinetmilano.com.

What was your dream job when you were a child?
Journalist and actress.

If you could choose, what would be your next project?
I think I'm very lucky to say that the project I'd like to do right now will be my next project, or a documentary about someone very close to me.

Can you describe yourself when you were a teenager? How was your room?
I was really into subcultures, (like punk, hip-hop, rave) and my room was full of different and eclectic things. From books on Ancient Greece to issues of I-D, The Face, books on anthropology, psychology and theatre books as well as posters of Joy Division. It was full of vinyls (my dad’s especially) and the walls were covered by my friends’ tags and graffiti.

Can you give me your definition of creativity?
It’s a continuous process of discussions, doubts, it’s an endless confrontation with yourself and others. And once you arrive to something that really express what you are and what you have in mind, everyone starts to recognize you in that style in that expression so you start to repeat the same things that the everyone wants and clients want, so when you finally arrive at this point, its time to change. That’s why I say that it is a continuous process, it’s so boring to see photographers, stylists or designers to never evolve and do only what is comfortable to do.

What do your parents think of your job?
They love it, my dad collects the magazines where my works are published. My mum finally understands what I do after 16 years, but she’s always been supportive.

Some advice you would give to young people who will take your career?
Everything seems very easy and accessible today, not like when I started. Social platforms give this sensation, they make it ‘seem accessible’, in reality it is not. It’s very important to be humble, do a lot of research in general culture, not to be too involved and not too updated in fashion, not too interested in trends but more in theatre, politics, arts and whatever can give you experience and taste.



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