RETROSUPERFUTURE is expanding its licensing partnerships with some of the most cutting-edge contemporary brands that share its heritage, approach to style and unique vision of eyewear design. One such brand is Ottomila, a high-end company dedicated to the design of exceptional timeless eyewear. The brand was founded by Luca Cavallaro, an Italian designer living in New York known for collaborating with some of the most prestigious contemporary brands. Having built his reputation inside the industry across Italy and the US, Cavallaro decided to focus on his own project.
Ottomila’s approach to design is shaped by this particular cross-Atlantic heritage: the meticulous obsession with Italian craftsmanship and the bold visual style of New York’s urban lifestyle. This season, the partnership with RSF brings the first ever production of acetate sunglasses to Ottomila’s collection, expanding its roster of timeless yet sharp pieces.