Terms & Conditions
Receipt of the order together with confirmation of quantities and delivery date is required via email.
After 5 days the order is to considered irrevocable from the buyer.

Once the order confirmation has been issued, Retrosuperfuture considers the order to be processed, even if there no response immediately after sending.
If Retrosuperfuture does not respond after 120 days of receipt of the order, it implicitly cancels said order.
If there are changes in the confirmation and 5 days after the buyer does not respond it is considered to be accepted.

The valid prices are those in effect at the time of confirmation: the buyer must accept any change in price between the time of dispatch and receiving the order confirmation.
Prices include standard packaging for shipping.
Prices in the order confirmation are not binding on any subsequent orders.
The buyer must make sure when ordering that they have the most up to date price list and must send the order on a standard document supplied by Retrosuperfuture in order to avoid errors in the processing of the order.
If the buyer wont respect the agreed payment conditions and will ask for an order modification or split, this means he accepts any price modification occurred in the meantime on the collection models.

Payment can be made as agreed by the parties.
In case of delayed payment the buyer will pay interest equal to the official current discount rate in Italy, plus 3 points.
In case of late payment exceeding 30 days, Retrosuperfuture may terminate the contract of sale, however Retrosuperfuture reserves the right to suspend, in whole or in part at its sole discretion, delivery of goods that are not in compliance with the terms of payment and / or if the buyer has prior delayed payments for previous orders.

The delivery terms indicated on the confirmation are approximate.
The goods are delivered in the manner determined by the parties.
A delay of 30 days since the delivery date marked on the order confirmation is to be considered acceptable.
If Retrosuperfuture is delayed for reasons which delay or cause non delivery from its suppliers, disruption or suspension of transport or energy, strikes or labor disturbances, shortage or unavailability of raw materials, or events beyond its reasonable control, the effect of terms will be suspended from the date of notice by Retrosuperfuture to the buyer.
The buyer can not reject the goods ordered, if it does, Retrosuperfuture may demand payment of the agreed amount and also of all other costs and expenses incurred such as transportation and costs arising from the non-receipt from the buyer.
Retrosuperfuture may deliver up to 20% fewer products listed in the confirmation without giving the right to terminate the contract of sale or be in default.

Retrosuperfuture guarantees the good quality of the products.
The buyer must examine the product on arrival, if they receive further products, it is the buyers responsibility to complete further checks.
Complaints about product defects must be received in writing, under penalty of forfeiture under this warranty, with a detailed description and photographic documentation of the reason for the complaint together with the mark of shipping, no later than 8 days from the arrival of the goods.
The buyer must allow Retrosuperfuture to examine the product. Should the seller find fault with the product, Retrosuperfuture will replace or issue credit notes of equal value.
The return shipping cost of the product is borne by the buyer, while Retrosuperfuture is responsible for shipping the replacement product.
The return of goods without fault shall be made only after Retrosuperfuture has been able to do the necessary checks and after giving written confirmation they will be sent back: transport costs are incurred by the buyer.
Complaints after 8 days from the arrival of goods are not accepted, nor complaints relating to defects attributable to the buyer.
Retrosuperfuture is entitled not to respond to any differences for goods with regards to the reference sample.
The forfeiture of this warranty (that is, later than 8 days after receipt, or relating to defects attributable to the buyer) frees the seller from any liability, even delays, related to the sale of products to third parties.

The buyer must sell only at points of sale with Retrosuperfuture or sell goods to another dealer, if not agreed with Retrosuperfuture before and in writing.
Retrosuperfuture does not give any exclusive rights to the products listed in the confirmation.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to Italian law.
In the case of disputes, the jurisdiction will be exclusively that of the registered office of Retrosuperfuture but Retrosuperfuture will be entitled to bring proceedings against the buyer in any other court.